Which beer is best to drink?

Even older than Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was first released in 1981 and has been the standard bearer of American beer with hops ever since. Connoisseur calls this 40-year-old classic beer a refreshing and daring resort with a rating of 92 out of 100 points. The Samuel Adams Boston lager beer is such a popular beer that most people assume that Samuel Adams is the name of the brewery, not a beer produced by The Boston Beer Company. First sold in 1985, years before craft beers became all the rage, it's still a highly respected beer and can be found almost anywhere, from gas station coolers to airport bar faucets.

Bud Light Lime is an ideal way to refresh your taste buds when the temperature starts to rise and summer knocks on your vacation door. I love Abita Purple Haze, it's something I drink when I want a shot of sugar and need motivation to work after dinner. Believe it or not, there's a whole world of beer, in addition to the basics of college parties, such as Natural Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon. If you're not sure that you like beer, it's most likely because you've drunk the wrong brand.

These are 10 of the best-tasting beers, try a few and try to claim that beer is still the worst. Purple Haze is a lager beer made with authentic raspberries, which gives the beer its characteristic fruity aroma and its sweet and sour flavor. Its fun purple color won't be the only thing you enjoy drinking this beer, as many people swap their dessert for Abita's 128-calorie favorite. A favorite, Summer Shandy from Leinenkugel is a light, crunchy beer with a natural lemonade flavor.

The perfect beer for those looking to graduate from the super sugary Mike's Hard, make sure to go out and stock up while this summer staple is still available. Shock Top is a Belgian-style spiced wheat beer, made with authentic orange, lemon and lime peels for a smooth, citrusy finish. While this cold beer can turn anyone who doesn't drink beer into one, Shock Top also offers the popular grapefruit and lemon flavors for the most demanding. This Belgian white beer is made with orange peels from Valencia to give Blue Moon its characteristic subtle sweetness.

Crunchy, spicy and slightly spicy, this 170-calorie beer will pair perfectly with light fish tacos this summer. I'm not a beer lover either, but I'll always be willing to open one of these 10 best-tasting beers. However, if they still don't work for you, try making your own beer cocktails. The Yuengling family has been brewing beer in the United States for almost 200 years, and damn it if they haven't kept up the line.

They Survived Prohibition, They Survived the Craft Beer Boom. This is because the Yuengling Lager is good without being challenging, cheap without being bad and nostalgic without being dusty. Bed Bath and Beyond voucher for 20% of the entire purchase. Although a bit indulgent, this beer stays balanced and shouldn't seem too sweet or too creamy to the drinker.

The next 40 beers represent the pinnacle of evolution and excellence in brewing within the various beer varieties available today. The series inspired by Golden Road fruit vendors includes beers such as Pineapple Cart, Melon Cart and Spicy Mango Cart. This beer has a slight counterweight with pale malts, honey and pilsner, and discolors in gentle stretches with a spicy touch. In addition, it is a legitimately low-calorie beer, with only 102 calories per 12-ounce serving, according to Health Line, making it competitive with the best light beers.

The mild level of turbidity of this beer may seem more like a pilsner to experienced drinkers, and with 5% ABV, it is the ideal choice for those who drink in winter. With a slightly higher alcohol level (5.2%) than many other lagers, Stella Artois is a robust beer with a slightly bitter hop aftertaste. Through trial, error and fermentation, brewers have turned experimental beverages into new categories of craft beer. Bud Light's excellent drinking capacity, together with the 100% natural lime flavor, will make any discerning beer drinker fall in love with Bud Light Lime.

According to Rate Beer, it has been brewed almost in its current form since 1876, so, although it may not be a masterpiece of brewing perfection, it is undoubtedly reliable. This pale beer isn't the worst thing in the fridge, but there are several better beers to choose from. The Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, a refreshing beer that won't make you feel drunk, has a crisp and clean finish, even when drunk straight from the bottle. This beer is best suited for the craft beer drinker skilled in all trades, a drinker who can withstand a sweet advantage and a toasted farewell, and can walk the line between dessert beer and goalie beer.

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